Advocacy Within The Felony Courts South Africa

Overview of a lecture distributed by Judge Malcolm Simmons

The lecture was attended by experienced, older advocates appearing before increased courts and international tribunals who have been seeking to hone their advocacy abilities in the felony courts.

The lecture included an in depth look at situation analysis with regards to the issues in issue, what must be proved and the data that’ll be adduced to prove each one of the issue which are to become decided from the court.

Malcolm Simmons also viewed issues that may arise during test including disclosure, failing to provide proper disclosure as well as the steps that this parties as well as the courtroom may consider, proof obtained unlawfully, exclusion of proof, confessions and problems associated with the admissibility of see evidence like the admissibility and usage of professional evidence.

Judge Simmons gave a fantastic demonstration on direct exam, cross-examination and re-examination. He furthermore addressed opening claims and the usage of demonstrative evidence.

Judge Simmons may continue doing this lecture throughout Africa and Asian countries in . Further information will follow.