Why Lexus Service Is Superior

Ahead of Lexus’ arrival more than 30 years back, there was a typical phrase used to spell it out the procedure drivers often received at luxury dealerships: “suffer the badge.” Basically, it was industry speak for a snobbish attitude bought at many high-end car dealers-a culture generally accepted by everyone involved, including drivers.

However, if you have haven’t heard this phrase recently, it’s arguably because of Lexus, which launched its dealerships with a totally different service approach: a concierge-to-guest dynamic, where dealership personnel would go to enormous lengths to resolve a Lexus driver’s problem, mechanical or not, as well as offer an array of amenities that were, at that time, almost unusual.

Today, this holistic approach to extreme service is still deeply ingrained in the Lexus ownership experience-so ingrained, in fact, that the Lexus service experience has become almost iconic. Here’s why (remember that services can vary greatly between dealerships):

1. The service-lounge amenities: Dealers varies in what they provide, but a few touches Lexus car drivers typically might enjoy on maintenance days: transportation to and from the home or office, stylish business centers (having the ability to host meetings), full-service boutiques, and complimentary massage opportunities. Some have even premium cafes with freshly baked pastries and cookies.

2. Valet-style service drop-off bays: Lexus dealerships’ service-department entrances are designed not and then be easily accessible for guests but also to be a welcoming, hospitable experience-similar to luggage drop-off entrances at high-end hotels.

3. Complimentary car washes: Many lexus dealership wash guests’ vehicles after each service visit, and many encourage guests to come across anytime when they desire a wash.

4. Complimentary maintenance: Being a welcome to Lexus ownership, new Lexus drivers receive complimentary scheduled maintenance at six months (or 5,000 miles) with twelve months (or 10,000 miles).*

5. In-house tire centers: Many Lexus dealers have their own tire centers, so drivers can order new Lexus-recommended tires-competitively priced-directly from the service area.

6. Time-conscious innovations: For many years, Lexus dealerships have been designed to reduce guest’s waiting time. Many Lexus dealerships have large window views to the valet area, so service advisors can spot guests as they arrive, then pull up guests’ service histories by the time they reach the desk. Many likewise have systems where consultants quickly upload guests’ service histories to tablets after guest arrival, so vehicle details are quickly, and literally, already in their hands.

7. Lexus personalized settings: Lexus service technicians will customize an array of functions for an owner’s individual preference, like the voice settings and theft-deterrent system.* These adjustments are a one-time complimentary service through the first a year from the date of original purchase. (Remember that programming of some Lexus Personalized Settings requires special equipment and could be performed only by an authorized Lexus dealership.)

8. Personal vehicle tours: Lexus dealerships also employ Vehicle Delivery Specialists, who help guests understand vehicle features and technologies-they’ll usually provide these tours at the dealership or remotely over the telephone, and some even help guests with some vehicle services at their homes if needed.